weed industry night

OCC Presents Weed Industry Nights (WIN)

OCC is happy to announce that we are launching an ongoing monthly, invite only event series called WIN: Weed Industry Nights.

The guest list will be comprised solely of Budtenders, Intake Managers/Buyers and Dispensary owners. No members of the public will be allowed. Attendees will be limited to 75 per event, and there will be no charge. Hor Dourves and non alcoholic beverages will be served.

Attendees will have plenty of one on one time with three unique Event Sponsors - a cannabis flower company/extract processor, an edible/topical company, and a technology/gear company. This will allow each Sponsor an exclusive platform to demonstrate their products, unlike trade show or B2B events.

As Budtenders are the first line of sales staff for cannabis products, OCC will provide an environment for education and sampling to occur. Event Sponsors will provide printed materials about their products, speak in an unhurried manner with attendees, make those products available for use/sampling during the event, and provide a take home bag of their products for attendees.

The current cannabis regulatory environment in Oregon makes finding opportunities to get your product sampled nearly impossible. The OLCC has imposed a ban on Recreational cannabis producers directly providing any amount of cannabis as samples or gifts. Indoor consumption is banned in most places, leaving cannabis industry businesses with few opportunities to interact with dispensary staff.

Event Sponsorship is $750. We ask that you provide enough samples of your product for 75 guests to try during the event, and another sample for them to take home. We will provide a legal space for attendees to consume on site, but some may choose to do so post event.

New OLCC regulations prohibit Recreational Growers from sharing or sampling their flower. As such, OCC will work with the growers to purchase the flower used at these events through a Dispensary, and make the sharing and gifting of the flower an action taken by OCC.

For questions or to schedule a sponsorship, contact OCC Director Josh Taylor: