Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge Presents Puff Puff Pour

The concept: One farm provides three unique strains or three farms provide a single strain, each of which is flavor matched to an individual beverage trio of:

  • Microbrew Beers

  • Wines/Ciders

  • Small batch Spirits

  • Cold Brew Coffees

  • Drinking Vinegars

  • Kombuchas

  • Fruit/vegetable beverages

Each 2 hour session allows attendees to enjoy a flight of these curated collections, with consumption guided by a trained budtender using a high end Desktop or Portable vaporizer. Attendees take one to three vape draws of the strain, while drinking a small serving of the flight of three paired beverages.

A printed guide explains why the strain and beverage were matched up, exploring the shared terpenes in both products using results from lab tests, and the complimentary or contrasting flavor notes found in both.

Once an attendee has completed one pairing, they move onto the next. By keeping the attendance at 75 or fewer per session, there is never a  line, and attendees are given ample time to speak with the farmers about the growing methods used, the lineage of the strain, and the potential beneficial effects of each strain for medical and recreational users.

Midway through the session, a representative from that month’s charitable organization partner is given 10-15 minutes to speak about their group, the work they do, and how attendees can support the goals of that nonprofit.

 An opportunity to donate is presented, and materials about the organization are distributed. In addition, a portion of the sponsorship fees paid by the cannabis farms and beverage companies are donated as well. Every month, a different nonprofit will be showcased, and promoted through social media channels prior to the PPP event of which they are the beneficiary.

Each attendee is given a take home gift, which includes .5 gram samples of each strain that was offered, and a small portioned serving of the beverages of which they were paired, to be enjoyed at home along with the pairing guide and nonprofit materials. This is done to encourage attendees to replicate the experience with their friends and family, thus giving the farms, beverage companies and the nonprofit additional exposure.

Each PPP event will consist of 4 two hour sessions, allowing up to 300 attendees to share the pairing experience and learn about the nonprofit. To stay compliant with City and State regulations, each event will be completely free to attendees 21 and over. As with all OCC sampling events, free transportation home will be offered to any attendee who request it. (An offering we have yet to activate, as we carefully monitor all cannabis consumption.)